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Watson Holmes is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 2. He is a lieutenant in the local Police Department and officially or unofficially helps resolve several stories. He says he became a police office because he was in a fight once and was brought to a police station.

Holmes loves strong coffee and cinnamon.

Holmes played bass in a rock band in the 1990s.


  • Watson Holmes taught the Criminology classes Mary Ditt took at college. (level 4)
  • Watson knows Bill because he hacked into the Police Department when he was 10 and now monitors their digital security part-time. (level 5)

Edward Fiasco

Dialogue with Ann

Hello to you!

No but we'll fix that soon enough. I'm a local cop. The name's Holmes.

No. Watson.

Yeah. With my name I was pretty much destined to become a detective.

I'm having a hard time making it out. After working the night shift it's hard to keep my eyes open. Only a cup of Espresso can save me now. Do you have an Espresso Machine?

Here's 10 diamonds. If you don't have enough money you can always pay the rest in diamonds.

Good afternoon!

Excellent! I was just starting to doze off... I've had SO much work lately!

Hello to you!

Yeah, I'm trying to remember... I saw this special kind of tea advertised... Cinnabar? Cinders? Salmon?

Yes! That's it! Cinnamon! Do you have any?

Great! Funny name, I wonder what it tastes like...


  • At level 2, Watson wants an Espresso Machine.
  • At level 3, he wants Double Espresso.
  • At level 4, he wants Cinnamon Tea and Cinnamon Americano.
  • At level 5, he wants a Newspaper Tack and Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon.
  • At level 6, he wants a new Wallpaper.
  • At level 7, he wants Americano with Cream.
  • At level 10, he wants Chocolate Coffee