English Tea Add Milk to Tea

Cinnamon Tea Add Cinnamon to Tea

Chocolate Tea Add Chocolate Syrup to Tea

Cream Tea Add Whipped Cream to Tea

Tea with Lemon Add Lemon to Tea

Vanilla Tea Add Vanilla Syrup to Tea

Mint Tea Add Mint Leaves to Tea

Ice Fruit Tea Add Ice and Grape Juice to Tea

Iced Tea Add Ice to Tea

Invigorating Tea Add Ice, Mint Leaves and Lemon to Tea

Sunrise Tea Add Ice, Lemon and Geradine Syrup to Tea

Berry Punch Add Lemon, Grape Juice, Forest Berries ans Geradine Syrup to Tea

Kalmyk Tea Add Cinnamon, Milk and Salt to Tea

Tea with Milk and Honey Add Milk and Honey to Tea

Tea with Honey and Lemon Add Honey and Lemon to Tea

Mint Tea with Honey and Cinnamon Add Mint Leaves, Honey and Cinnamon to Tea

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