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Stories are one of the mechanics which drives the game and lets players earn many Prestige points and level up. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. Some are resolved in one go while others are told over several 'episodes'.

Level 4: Mary's Divorce & the Theft of the Mona LisaEdit

The two stories are linked: Mary Ditt has been dating Ben for a month when he proposes to her. She accepts and the two get married immediately. Two days later, Mary comes to the café to organize her wedding reception and invite other customers.

Margaret mentioned earlier that the famous painting the Mona Lisa was on display at the museum. Watson Holmes explains that the police cannot provide appropriate security measures as they keep receiving anonymous calls which make them investigate strange events all over the town. As Mary is unable to contact Ben and wonders where he has gone to, Watson tells us the Mona Lisa has been stolen. A certain Ben Jones is the prime suspect. Mary reveals that Ben took her name when they got married but that his birth name is Jones. Ben is arrested but claims the painting is a fake and he was framed. Mary divorces him although she believes he is innocent.

  • Requirements: Wooden Table for Two, Carnations and Cheesecake for Mary's reception.
  • Rewards: 12 diamonds, 525 Prestige points, getting to level 5.

Level 5: The Tale of the Two KoffskysEdit

When Koffsky introduced himself he mentioned he used to own a café but that someone slandered his reputation as a chef and he had to quit. Watson Holmes mentions there are two Koffksys although he is not sure whether he is one person or two. Bill manages to find an old photo with Koffsky, a Koffsky-clone called Edward and a woman called Alice. By looking at the photo Margaret guesses that Edward, Koffsky's twin brother and business partner, sabotaged his brother's recipes by buying poor-quality ingredients. He also sabotaged Koffksy's relationship with his girlfriend Alice by pouring something into her drink at an important event because he was jealous of their relationship. Koffsky confirms the story saying he was planning to propose to Alice the night she had an anaphylactic reaction to the tampered drink. Alice was convinced Koffsky did it on purpose and he left. He vows to find Alice again and explains what really happened.

  • Requirements: Ice Tea for Bill, Cupcake With Cinnamon and Anise for Margaret.
  • Rewards: 8 diamonds, 2100 Prestige points

Level 6: Bill and Mary's First DateEdit

At level 4 Bill revealed he had been in love with Mary Ditt for 2 years. They met when he went to fix the computer network at Mary's college but she doesn't remember him. Now that she is single, Bill would like to ask her on a date but does not dare speak to her. They exchange notes and Mary agrees to go on a date with him although she does not believe her 'admirer' is really Bill. However, the date does not go well as Mary thinks Bill is too flaky and indecisive to be boyfriend material. Bill decides to join the soccer team to prove his worth. Ron accepts. Bill scores the decisive goal during his first match and Mary agrees to go on a second date.

  • Requirements: Mocha for Bill, Iced Mocha for Ron, Cappuccino for Bill.
  • Rewards: 9 diamonds, 3800 Prestige points, 1 Pink Gift

Level 7: Petrovich's StoryEdit

When Petrovich was younger, he helped a childhood friend, Charlie Choke, rob a bank. Petrovich was later found in the empty vault, locked in. He confessed to cracking the safe and went to jail. He did not say a word about Charlie, and the money was never found. His wife left him and presumably divorced him. At level 7 she calls him saying she wants to meet him. It turns out that she wants him to rob a bank again. Bill manages to dig up information on her: she came to town with Petrovich's old friend. Petrovich concludes they lied to him and have been together this whole time, spending the money they stole. He decides to catch them red-handed: he will lure them into the bank where the police will catch them. Things go according to plan and the two lovers are arrested. They confess to framing Petrovich years before. Watson Holmes says Petrovich's first conviction will be erased from his record.

  • Requirements: Mysterious Stranger painting for Petrovich, Vintage Table for Two and Romantic Candles for Two for Petrovich, Frappé for Bill.
  • Rewards: 10 diamonds, 3500 Prestige Points, 1 Blue Gift

Level 9: Ghosts in the Cafe Edit

Level 10: Elsa's Secret Edit

Other levelsEdit

  • Level 15: Green Moon fund and mayoral election
  • Level 16: The Theft of the Mona Lisa Part II, Clyde's Concert
  • Level 17: Elsa's Husband's Murder Part II, Finding Alice in China
  • Level 18: Bill's Secret, Clyde and Koffsky's New Business, Margaret and Carl's First Meeting
  • Level 19: Mary's First Job, Alice's Curse Part I
  • Level 20: Alice's Curse Part II, Elsa's Husband's Murder Part III
  • Level 21: Elsa's Secret Admirer, The Ruined Marriage Proposal Part I
  • Level 22: The Ruined Marriage Proposal Part II, The Dreams of Dr. BENissimo
  • Level 23: Return to Sender
  • Level 24: Case #38 and Women's Things
  • Level 25: Chronicle of a Certain Madness
  • Level 26: How to Stop Being Afraid of Interviews and Learn to Love Your Job and On the Jet-Powered Wings of Love
  • Level 27: Pre-Wedding Panic and Bachelor Party
  • Requirements: Buy the very expensive couch.
  • Level 28: The Corporation and Fashion and Jackhammers
  • Level 30: Secrets of Advertising

Event storiesEdit

  • 2018 Valentine's Day: The Gift of the Magpie
  • 2018 My Café Birthday: Ann and Chloe's Birthday
  • 2018 Back to the 90s: Diego's Back to the 90s Party