Rubies are a special in-game currency unlocked at level 8.

Getting Rubies

You can get rubies when:

  • you complete Township phone orders
  • you make recipes using Stylish equipment
  • you use the ATM machine to convert coins into rubies

Using Rubies

Rubies allow you to:

  • buy and upgrade Township structures
  • buy exterior decorations
  • Buy more slots for your second spice box.

Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box is where you store your rubies. It is also unlocked at level 8. It can initially hold 300 rubies. You need to spend diamonds to expand it:

  • 25 diamonds for a capacity of 3,000 rubies
  • 285 diamonds for a capacity of 25,000 rubies
  • 450 diamonds for a capacity of 100,000 rubies
  • 950 diamonds for a capacity of 250,000 rubies

It is necessary to expand the jewelry box to upgrade Township structures.


The ATM which is in front of your café lets you exchange dollars for rubies. Each exchange takes 23 hours. There are 3 possible processes:

  • 1,000 dollars for 100 rubies
  • 5,000 dollars for 500 rubies (level 20+ players only)
  • 10,000 dollars for 1,000 rubies (VIP 4+ players only)

You can use all three at once and speed these up by spending 90 diamonds for each exchange.


My Cafe Rubies FAQ

My Cafe Rubies FAQ