*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Petrovich is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 7. He's a construction worker. When the player first meets him he asks for alcohol and cigarettes. Petrovich is the character's last name. Everybody in town calls him that.

Petrovich has a terrible singing voice.


  • Cleo and Petrovich grew up in the same neighborhood. (level 8)

Story: Petrovich's Mistake

When Petrovich was younger, he was a locksmith. A childhood friend of his, Charlie Choke, got into shady business while Petrovich married and settled with his wife. One day, Charlie asked Petrovich to help him rob a bank. Petrovich accepted because it was easy money, but things took a wrong turn: Charlie said guards were coming, pushed Petrovich in the then empty vault, where he got locked in. Petrovich heard a shot, thought Charlie was wounded and maybe even dead. Petrovich was arrested. He confessed about cracking the safe and went to jail but he did not say a word about Charlie. His wife left him at the time. Police investigated to know where the money was but she didn't have any.

At level 7, Petrovich's ex-wife calls him, says she is coming home and wants to see him. Petrovich, who says he is still crazy about his ex-wife, plans to meet her in the café. He then learns that his ex-wife actually wants him to participate in another robbery. It appears she has been with Charlie all this time, spending the money they stole. Petrovich decides to lure the two into the bank where the police will catch them. Things go according to plan and, although the two criminals blame each other, they admit to framing Petrovich for the first robbery. Watson Holmes says the conviction will be erased from Petrovich's record.


  • At level 7, Petrovich wants the Mysterious Stranger painting to speak about his ex-wife and a Vintage Table for Two and Romantic Candles for their reunion. He also wants an Aquarium.
  • For him to tell the story about the treasure chest, he needs Galangal Tea.
    • Also, you will also need Galangal Tea to test out if the ghost moves the tea. However, he instead drank the tea.
  • At level 16, he wants Turkish Coffee with Cardamom to write lyrics for Clyde Bowen.