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Mary Ditt is the very first café customer, introduced at the very beginning of the game. She's described as cheerful but emotional. She studies journalism at college. She loves ice cream, so she quickly asks the player to set up a Vanilla Ice Cream Freezer for her. Her favorite drink is White Café Glacé.


  • Margaret and she have been neighbors since Margaret moved into the town two years ago but Mary barely knows the elderly lady. (level 1)
  • Mary dated Ben for one month, married him then divorced him. (level 4)
  • She knows Watson Holmes because he taught the Criminology classes she took at college (level 4).
  • She knows Fernando because she has interviewed him. (level 5)

Story:Mary's Wedding and Divorce(Level 4)

At level 4, the player meets Ben, Mary's boyfriend. He proposes, Mary accepts and they promptly get married. She asks the player for help with the wedding reception but it turns out that Ben is gone. He is later arrested by Watson Holmes as a suspect in the theft of the Mona Lisa, a famous painting on loan at the local museum. Although Mary believes he is innocent, she decides to divorce him. She keeps the cat Ben gave her.

Story: First Date with Bill (Level 6)

At level 6, Bill works up the courage to ask her out through notes. Mary agrees to go on a date with her 'admirer'. The first date is not a success as Mary does not think Bill is boyfriend material. Bill decides to join the local soccer team to prove his worth. It works and Mary agrees to go on a second date.

Story: Moving In With Bill

When Bill and Mary are planning on moving in with each other, the player can decide who will move in with whom. If Mary moves in with Bill, he does not have to worry about moving all of his computer equipment but Mary's cat loves to chew on the cables. If Bill moves in with Mary, the cat will have less to chew on, but the internet connection is slow where Mary lives. If the player chooses to have Ben move in with Mary, they will need to bribe Margret to let the cable companies dig up her backyard to implant more cables and allow a faster internet connection.

Story: Mary's Biological Parents

Mary is good friend with Elsa, who turns out to be her biological mother. Mary comes from a loving family and is happy to learn she has a second mom. The player later learns that Clyde Bowen is her biological father. They get to decide whether Elsa tells Mary and Clyde the truth about him being her father.

When Jennifer is up against Mayor Donald Mulligan in the new election Mary gets the deciding vote. She initially doesn't want to vote but the player manages to changer her mind. They also decide whom she will vote for: Jennifer or Donald.



Thanks. I'm Mary. Congrats on opening your new place!

I'd love some ice cream!

Awesome, please do that!

I want some ice cream...


  • At level 0, Mary asks for a Vanilla Ice Cream Freezer.
  • At level 3, she asks for White Café Glacé, her favorite drink.
  • At level 3, she asks the player to buy a TV.
  • At level 4, she requests a Wooden Table for Two, Carnations and Cheesecake for her wedding reception.
  • At level 5, she asks for Rose Tea.
  • At level 7, she asks for Ginseng Tea to help her concentrate on her upcoming Anthropology test.
  • At level 12, she asks for a Strawberry Ice Cream with Cream because she feels bored of Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • At level 15, she asks for Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and Saffron to vote in the election.
  • At level 16, she asks for Chocolate Ice Cream with Saffron to help her concentrate on her investigation.
  • At level 22, she asks for a Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake.


Level 4

After you set up what Mary requested for the wedding reception,she starts questioning whether or not she's ready for this.She then turns to you for advice.You can either tell her that it's her choice,which will then lead to her realizing that she's ready for it.If you say that she's ready for this,then you will have to ask all your customers if they can come.

  • Bill said that he's actually had a crush on Mary for 4 months,23 days,and 5 hours,and can't bare to see her be wed to another man.
  • Margaret's been to 13 weddings,and she was the bride during all of them,so she's kind of tired of going to weddings.
  • Watson-------
  • Koffsky-------

And if you tell her that she's not ready for this,then she'll cancel the wedding.

Level 15

You choose who Mary votes for in the election.If you choose Donald then_____________.And if you choose Jennifer then she'll ask to get a table to celebrate.