Margaret is an event cafe patron in My Cafe and a member of the Elder Class she costs 1,000 to play and has 2/3 chance of winning. She has the Cupcake trait, and her ability Conjures a random drink card every time you win unless the player already has 10 cards in their hand 

Margaret was introduced during the 2016 Thanksgiving event alongside Mary Ditt. As of January 24th, 2017, both of them were made contactable.

she had a special pack which included it, along with Mary Ditt and Jeffy. The pack costed 400 gems.

Margaret lets players play the dice game with her. It is a money betting game of who rolls the greatest number on the dice. If players win, they get double the amount of money they gave to Margaret in the beginning. As players' level increases, the amount of money used and won in the dice game also increase.