*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Margaret is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 1. She is a mysterious old lady, and she loves coffee and gossip. She loves cupcakes as well. She is also waiting for love and money to fall into her lap. In order to make the wait more pleasant, she's scarfing down ice cream. She's been living in the town for 2 years. Margaret and Mary are neighbors. Mary says gardening is all Margaret talks about.

As the main story progresses players learn that she's been married 13 times to the same man but used each wedding day as a cover to rob a priceless item from a museum (except for the first one as Margaret explains that the robbery failed). Margaret's husband and partner in crime is Carl, another customer. They have been married for at least 50 years (they celebrated their golden anniversary) although Margaret claims she is only 64 (21 years and 516 months). Carl comes to the café for the first time at level 16.

During Mary Ditt's investigation into the theft of the Mona Lisa, Margaret turns out to be one of the three suspects. When confronted by the player she quickly admits she did it. Margaret claims she stole the previous paintings only to expose the Syndicate, the organization she worked for and which had replaced the paintings with fakes. As for the Mona Lisa, Margaret explains she did it to save Carl's life: the Syndicate had kidnapped Carl and were threatening to send him back piece by piece.

She often greets the player in German and French (Guten Tag and Bonjour).


Margaret also often serves as a source of information about other patrons. She seems to know everyone in town and their secrets thanks to her spying skills.

Margaret lets players gamble her. Margaret and the player bet the same amount of money then each takes turns to roll two dice three times. If either rolls a double they get an extra turn. Whomever has rolled the highest total in the end wins the pot (i.e the money they bet and the other player's money). As the player's level increases, so does the initial bet .

Margaret can buy items from the storehouse, one per day. She's not promising big money, but it is better than throwing out unwanted things. Players can refuse the deal and ask Margaret if she wants to buy something else.

Once Carl is unlocked, Margaret stops offering to buy old furniture.


Margaret is a mysterious,keen,and quirky old women.She is sly,but yet friendly.Considering she's been married 13 times,you should probably listen to her advice on love and relationships.She also has a pretty good sense of humor,especially relationship jokes.


Guten Tag! (Good Day)

Margaret will do, thanks. You know, I've been in some of the world's finest restaurants, but I like your cafe even more.

Until the crowds come flooding in, I'll have somewhere to sit and gossip a little. I don't usually have anyone to talk to.

I don't have any family left. And my friends are more like FIENDS! They only care about gobbling up all my food. So I'm basically all alone...

Oh! I love those cute little cakes- Cupcakes!

I've been dreaming about them forever!

Basically, it's love and wealth I want. But while those two little gems are looking for me, I guess I could enjoy some vanilla ice cream...


  • At level 1, Margaret asks for a Cupcake Display Case.
  • At level 3, she asks about Americano and Americano with Milk.
  • When she tells you a story, her mind was clouded out and needs Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca to get her mind back.
  • At level 12, she asks for a Mojito Cupcake. Also, in order tell her multiple marriages, you must make a White Hot Chocolate.
  • At level 14,Margaret asks the player to buy a Grandfather Clock.
  • At level 16, she asks for Tea with Tapioca, Milk and Ice to reveal her plan during the Mona Lisa investigation.
  • At level 22, she asks for a Nordic Romance Latte.
  • At level ?,she asks for a Designer Table for Four.

Original introduction

Margaret was introduced during the 2016 Thanksgiving event alongside Mary Ditt. On January 24th, 2017, both of them were made contactable. She was included in a special pack, along with Mary Ditt and Jeffy. The pack cost 400 gems.

At the time, she cost 1,000 to play and had a 2/3 chance of winning. She had the Cupcake trait, which conjured a random drink card every time the player won unless the player already had 10 cards in their hand.


  • Level ?

If you decide to let Bill move in with Mary in the story"Moving In With Mary",then Bill will solve the problem of the slow wi-fi by installing some wi-fi cables.However,the wires need to run under Margaret's yard.She doesn't allow it but will change her mind from either a Vietnamese-Style Iced Tea with Tapioca,or 40 diamonds.