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The last story is currently available at level 29.

Level 0Edit

  • Players start the game with $200, 10 diamonds and 10 Daily Bonus tickets.
  • New Customer: Mary Ditt
  • New Equipment: Tea Machine, Vanilla Ice Cream Freezer
  • New Recipes: Tea, Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Quests: Vanilla Ice Cream Freezer

Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit

  • Reward: $250
  • New Customer: Bill
  • New Equipment: Milk Refrigerator, Americano Machine, TV
  • New Recipes: English Tea, Espresso Machiato, White Café Glacé, Americano, Americano with Milk
  • Quests: new recipes and TV

Level 4Edit

  • Reward: $450
  • New Customers: Koffsky and Ben
  • New Equipment: Cheesecake Display Case, Cinnamon, Award Shelf
  • New Recipes: Cinnamon Tea, Cinnamon Cupcakes, Americano with Cinnamon, Cheesecake
  • 12 new Interior items: Simple Items
  • Quests: new recipes, Award Shelf, Wall Menu, Service Table, Server
  • Stories: Mary's Divorce, Theft of the Mona Lisa Part I
  • Bill's Questions unlocked
  • Second Staff member unlocked

Level 5Edit

  • Reward: $450
  • New Customer: Fernando
  • New Equipment: Latte Machine, Freezer, Spice Box
  • New Recipes: Iced Tea, Latte
  • 10 new Interior items: Simple Items
  • Quests: Spice Box, Rose Tea, Latte, Newspaper Rack, Expansion #1
  • Stories: The Two Koffskys Part I
  • +1 Simple Gift from Fernando
  • +1 diamond from Mary
  • Special Recipes unlocked
  • First café expansion unlocked
  • Staff wardrobe unlocked
  • Margaret can now buy stored items

Level 6Edit

  • Reward: $500
  • New Customer: Ron
  • New Equipment: Telephone, Chocolate Syrup, Cappuccino Machine
  • New Recipes: Chocolate Tea, Mocha, Iced Mocha, Cappuccino, Spiced Cappuccino
  • 4 new Interior items: Simple Items
  • Quests: Phone, Aphrodite Tea with Nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon, new Wallpaper, Galangal Tea, Spiced Cappuccino, new Flooring
  • Stories: Bill and Mary's First Date
  • Telephone Orders unlocked
  • +1 Simple Gift from Fernando

Level 7Edit

  • Reward: $600
  • New Customer: Petrovich
  • New Equipment: Whipped Cream, Tartlet Display Case
  • New Recipes: Cream Tea, Frappé, Americano with Cream, Tartlet, Ice Cream Latte
  • New Interior items: Simple Items (x2), French Style (x14), English Style (x10), Chinese Style (x11), American Retro (x10), Northern Lights (x10), Loft (x4)
  • Quests: Aquarium, Tartlet, Ginseng Tea, 3 Stylish Stands, 3 Stylish Bar Counters, 3 Stylish Bar Stools, Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca, Americano with Cream, Ice Cream Latte
  • Stories: Petrovich's Story
  • Styles unlocked
  • Townships unlocked
  • Valentine Event unlocked
  • 7500 points needed to level up

Level 8Edit

  • Reward: ?
  • New Customer: Cleo
  • New Equipment: Lemon, Croissant Display Case
  • New Recipes: Tea with Lemon, Americano with Lemon, Vanilla Ice Cream with Lemon, Croissant, Cinnamon Croissant, Croissant with Cream
  • New Interior items: Simple Items (x3), French Style (x2), English Style (x3), Chinese Style (x5), Northern Lights (x6), American Retro (x7), Loft (x1)
  • Third staff member unlocked
  • Rubies unlocked
  • Township Structures unlocked
  • Birthday Event unlocked

Level 9Edit

Level 10Edit

Level 11Edit

  • New Customer: ?
  • New Equipment: Coffee Grinder, Caramel Syrup, Raspberry Cake Display Case

Level 12Edit

Level 13Edit

Level 14Edit

Level 15Edit

Level 16Edit

Level 17Edit

  • New Customer: Alice Carroll
  • New Equipment: Chocolate Cake Display Case
  • New Recipes: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake with Hazelnuts
  • New Quests: latest Stylish items
  • New Stories: Elsa's Husband's Murder Part II, Finding Alice in China
  • 210,000 points needed to level up

Level 18Edit

  • Reward: $1,000
  • New Customer: Henry Dougan
  • New Equipment: Honey
  • New Recipes: Mint Tea with Honey and Cinnamon, Tea with Honey and Lemon, Tea with Milk and Honey, Honey Americano, Honeycomb Cupcake, Honey Bee Latte, Honey Cappuccino, Romantic Hot Chocolate
  • 17 new Interior items: Chinese Style (x2), English Style (x2), American Retro (x8), Loft (x3)
  • 2 new Exterior items
  • New Stories: Bill's Secret, Clyde and Koffsky's New Business, Margaret and Carl's First Meeting
  • 250,000 points needed to level up

Level 19Edit

  • Reward: $1,000
  • New Customer: Felicia Sturm
  • New Equipment: Marshmallows
  • New Recipes: Marshmallow Americano, Christmas Latte, Super Marshmallow Cappuccino, Winter Evening Hot Chocolate
  • New Quests: new recipe, Expansion #6
  • New Stories: Mary's First Job, Alice's Curse Part I
  • 26 new Interior items
  • 370,000 points needed to level up

Level 20Edit

  • Reward: $1,000
  • New Equipment: Coconut Flakes
  • New Recipes: Contrast Cheesecake, Traffic Lights Tartlet, Alpine Winter Tiramisu, Sweet Tales Latte, Everest Hot Chocolate
  • 33 new Interior items: French Style (x2), English Style (x10), Chinese Style (x7), American Retro (x4), Norther Lights (x6), Loft (x4)
  • New Stories: Alice's Curse Part II, Elsa's Husband's Murder Part III
  • 650,000 points needed to level up

Level 21Edit

  • Reward: $1,000
  • New Equipment: Donut Display Case
  • New Recipes: Sensation Donut, Donatello Donut, Four Treats Donut, Caramel Delight Donut
  • New Interior items
  • New Stories: Elsa's Secret Admirer, The Ruined Marriage Proposal Part I
  • 1,635,000 points needed to level up

Level 22Edit

  • Reward: $1,000
  • New Equipment: Forest Berries Freezer
  • New Recipes: Winter Berry Dessert, Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake, Nordic Romance Latte, Berry Smoothie Cappuccino
  • 30 new Interior items: French Style (x9), English Style (x5), Chinese Style (x6), Northern Lights (x3), Loft (x7)
  • New Stories: The Ruined Marriage Proposal Part II, The Dreams of Dr. BENissimo
  • 2,160,000 points needed to level up

Level 23Edit

Level 24Edit

Level 25Edit

  • New interior items
  • New Stories: Chronicle of a Certain Madness and Winners Can't Be Losers

Level 26Edit

  • New Stories: How to Stop Being Afraid of Interviews and Learn to Love Your Job and On the Jet-Powered Wings of Love

Level 27Edit

  • New Stories: Pre-Wedding Panic and Bachelor Party

Level 28Edit

Level 29Edit