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Koffsky is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 4. As the story progresses players learn that he was the chef of his own successful café, but had to declare bankruptcy because some scheming villain ruined his life. He'll share some new recipes with you in hope that your success will put that guy out of business.

Players later learn that he has an ex-girlfriend, Alice Carroll, and a twin brother, Edward. Edward sabotaged Koffsky's business and marriage because he was in love with Alice too. At some point Edward locks his brother in Koffsky's basement. The player manages to free Koffsky but Edward escapes and becomes a wanted fugitive.

Koffsky works in a gas station as this is the only job he could find. When the bank threatens to foreclose on his house because he can't keep up with mortgage payments, the player manages to persuade Mayor Donald Mulligan to help out. Donald convinces the bank to give Koffsky more time for the current month's payment and Margaret suggests Clyde Bowen become Koffsky's roommate to help him pay his mortgage. Both Koffsky and Clyde agree.

Koffsky is the character's last name.


Koffsky helps players guess some new recipes. Players get one diamond for each correct answer, but Koffsky always reveals the full recipe anyway.

Dialogue with Ann

Hello to you!

No, I am Koffsky.

Not long ago I had my own successful cafe. But one evil man's schemes ruined my life.

I'll figure it out. By the way, I can help you!

I know a couple of fine recipes and can help you learn them.

If your cafe becomes the best in town, the guy who cheated me will go bankrupt. I like that idea!

I can't see where you installed your Award shelf...

You should immediately buy an Award Shelf! It is vital for any Cafe beginner.

You will be able to view your achievements and receive very nice awards of diamonds in returns.

Wow! Now you will be able to monitor your achievements and collect your awards for them. Oh and one more thing...

When you view your awards, please note the button with the image of the winner's stand.

By clicking on it and connecting to Facebook, you can find out your ranking relative to other cafes around the world!

Every Cafe is taking part in a friendly competition to be declared the best. Here, take 3 diamonds. My little contribution to help you win.

Sure. I just noticed that you have it on your menu now. I'd love a slice. Did you know that cheesecake is the food of champions?

They say the first cheesecakes were made in ancient Greece for the Olympic athletes. There was a recipe for it in Cato the Elder's "On Agriculture".

Cool! I've got a little gift for you - three Rose petals. Open the box and take out one Rose Petal. Then close the box and pick up some Tea. You'll end up with Rose Tea. You need to ask your customers - some of them might afford drinks like that now and again.

Sure, sounds great! I'll pay $150 for it. Can you make it then come chat to me? Thanks, and here's your reward of $150. By the way other visitors may also give you rare spices or request special recipes.


The Tale of Two Koffskys

Koffsky is a member of the town who before it closed down because someone slandered his name and that he was simply unable to work under those conditions any longer. He eludes that whoever slandered his reputation was someone whom he had always gotten along with and while they were competitive, they were always honest before becoming too caught up in emotion and needing a break.

After speaking to Margaret and Watson, it is revealed that this mystery slanderer was actually Koffsky's twin brother and former business partner. While Koffsky was the cafe's chef, his twin brother, Edward, handled the business side of the cafe. They had a server named Alice, who Koffsky had feelings for, and even dated and made it so far as wanting to propose to the server. But as they were very similar, Edward Koffsky also had taken a shining to Alice, and in an effort to win over her affections over his brother, he proceeded to sabotage his brother by first buying low quality ingredients and then blaming his brother in an effort to tarnish his name. Initially it is implied he was making a special drink for Alice's birthday and that perhaps Edward put something in the drink that Alice was allergic to, and Alice was upset that Koffsky had forgotten her allergy causing their break up, him leaving the cafe and the eventual closing of the cafe.

Koffsky confirms the beginning of the story to be true, but instead of a drink for her birthday, he instead had made a special drink to propose, but that Alice went into anaphylactic shock due to the ring being in the drink. After hearing his story back, Koffsky realizes he had been a coward and that he would look for Alice in order to make amends.


  • Koffsky asks the player to buy a Fireplace.