Kevin is an common cafe patron in My Cafe and a member of the Teen Class. he costs 2 to play, he has the Order trait, and it gives the player an order when he visits. He is unlocked at Level 10.

Kevin was introduced during the 2015 Thanksgiving event alongside Eddy. As of December 20th, 2017, both of them were made contactable.

Kevin works as a mail delivery guy.


Kevin the postman. Delivers letters and parcels. Constantly in motion. When he makes his first appearance to your cafe, he asked you to get a Green Lava Lamp to help him relax after a hard day's work delivering the mail.

(At this time, player needs to buy a Green Lava Lamp, which can be found at American retro of Interior on the store.)

Afterward, Kevin was involved in Elsa's husband shot case, he was considered one of suspects in this crime. Kevin insists that he is innocent and offers that someone else was in the house as well.


  • According to Elsa's dialogue, he seems to have the unusual night with her in the past.