Name Level Ingredients
Vanilla Ice Cream 0 Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream with Lemon 8 Vanilla Ice Cream + Lemon
Strawberry Ice Cream 9 Strawberry Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate 10 Vanilla Ice Cream + Chocolate Syrup + Chocolate Shavings
Strawberry Ice Cream with Cream 12 Strawberry Ice Cream + Whipped Cream + Vanilla Syrup
Vanilla Ice Cream with Nuts 14 Vanilla Ice Cream + Hazelnuts
Chocolate Ice Cream 16 Chocolate Ice Cream
Choco Moco 16 Chocolate Ice Cream + Cinnamon + Chocolate Syrup + Vanilla Syrup + Hazelnuts
Winter Berry Dessert 22 Strawberry Ice Cream + Raspberry Cake + Marshmallows + Coconut + Forest Berries
Frozen Yogurt 24 Frozen Yogurt
Iceberg Yogurt 24 Frozen Yogurt + Chocolate Syrup + Vanilla Syrup + Whipped Cream + Sea Salt
Berry Yogurt 24 Frozen Yogurt + Lemon + Mint + Forest Berries
Coffee Yogurt 24 Frozen Yogurt + Americano + Vanilla Syrup + Hazelnut + Honey
Mint Yogurt 24 Frozen Yogurt + Chocolate Shavings + Mint + Ice
Rainbow Ice Cream 25 Strawberry Ice Cream + Chocolate Ice Cream + Vanilla Ice Cream + Frozen Yogurt + Grenadine

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