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Henry Dougan is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 18. He is a private investigator but used to be a police officer. He resigned under mysterious circumstances.


Mary Ditt knows Henry because he has helped her before during her investigations.

  • Watson Holmes knows Henry because he used to be a police officer. They did not work together, though. (level 18)


Henry is a private investigator.He helped Mary find Alice in the story "Alice in China".


After being a private investigator for so long,Henry kind of became really pessimistic about other people.He even thought Bill was cheating on Mary,when in reality he was spending months planning a surprise birthday party for her.He has sort of forgotten that not everyone is a bad person.


  • At level 18, Henry wants Mint Tea with Honey and Cinnamon to tell you why he is asking about Bill.


  • Level 18

After gathering data and evidence that Bill is cheating on Mary with Emily,his first thought of what he should to is to tell Mary.You can either tell Mary,or intervene and confront Bill about this first.And as it turns out,Bill wasn't cheating.