Emily Roberts is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 13. She works at an advertising agency.

Story: Clyde's Daughter?

When Clyde Bowen comes to the town looking for his long lost daughter, Bill initially comes to the conclusion that Emily fit all criteria. The two meet and are delighted to know each other. It turns out later that Bill was wrong: Emily's biological father is in jail for murder. The player decides not to reveal this to Emily but tells both Clyde and her that they are not related. However, Clyde eventually decides to stay in town and try and adopt Emily. Is it then revealed that Mary Ditt is Clyde's biological daughter. The player gets to decide whether Elsa, Mary's biological mother, tells Clyde and Mary the truth and risks him not adopting Emily after all.


  • Emily ask the player to buy a Northern Lights Fish Tank at level 16 because she is allergic to fish and can't have an aquarium at