Elsa is a cafe customer. Upon reaching Level 9, she will make her first appearance to the cafe. She and Mary has been good friends for a long time. She is describe as an upstanding woman by Margaret.


Elsa is been married for fifteen years, but she and her husband have never has children, Her husband works a lot and hasn't been playing any attention to her at all recently. He won't give her a divorce even though and she feels like she's stuck in a rut. It's a sad state of affairs.

(At this time, Elsa asked the player to talk with Margaret about been married 13 times - Maybe Margaret has some advice to help get Elsa out of her rut.)

Afterward, Elsa has agreed to reveal her secret, but the premise is to have a deal.

(At this time, player needs to make Turkish Coffee with Cardamom for her to reveal her secret.)

After giving, Elsa reveals that she ever spent an unusual night with Kevin and she think she is in love. Besides Elsa's husband didn't notice his wife's long absence.

(At this time, player needs to talk to Watson about the situation - without naming names.)

According to Watson's dialogue, Elsa's husband was shot. The killer hasn't been caught yet, at the same Elsa admitted that she was out again with Kevin at the night of the murder. She swears she wan't the one who killed her husband.

(At this time, player needs to talk to Bill to see if we can prove Elsa is innocence.)

Elsa remembered that Kevin actually went out on the night of the murder, she is beginning to suspect Kevin was involved in the murder.

(At this time, player needs to talk to the mail man - Kevin, he may open up to you.)

Elsa also mentioned that her husband has been married once before, it's possible the ex-wife have been involved in the murder.

(At this time, player needs to tell to the cop - Watson about this clue.)