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Elsa is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 9. She's a university professor. She is described as an upstanding woman by Margaret. When the player meets her, Elsa has a husband, Leopold, but no children.


  • She has been good friends with Mary for a long time.
  • She's Mary's biological mother.
  • She has had a fling with Clyde Bowen when she was younger. He's Mary's biological father.

Story: Leopold's MurderEdit

As the story progresses, players learn Elsa and her husband have been married for 15 years. However, her husband works a lot and hasn't been playing any attention to her at all recently. She wants a divorce but he doesn't. She starts seeing Kevin in secret until her husband is shot in their home. Elsa admits she was out again with Kevin that night but swears she wasn't the one who killed her him. Elsa then remembers that Kevin actually went out on the night of the murder and begins to suspect he was involved. Kevin swears he did not kill the husband either but remembers two people being in the house that night: a woman and a man. The woman could be Leopold's first wife. The story stops as the police doesn't have any lead or evidence.

At level 17, Leopold's first wife is identified as Alice Carroll.

Story: Elsa's SecretEdit

It is later revealed that Elsa does have a child: she is Mary's biological mother. She put her up for adoption because she was unable to take care of her and didn't have a serious relationship with Clyde Bowen, the father. The player gets to decide whether Elsa tells Clyde and Mary the truth about him being Mary's biological father.