*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Donald Mulligan is a café customer, which makes his first appearance at level 14. He is the town's mayor, but unfortunately a corrupt one. When he first comes into the café he wants the player to give him a bribe. He masks his corruption well using smooth words and good lawyers but some inhabitants are not fooled.

According to Jennifer, Donald's assistant, Donald became mayor using bribery and fraud. He has a fund called Green Moon which he plans to use to buy a new yacht. Jennifer and Margaret manage to steal the mayor's files on his computer in order to expose his scam. They give them to Bill so he can decrypt them but Donald learns about it through Margaret and has Watson Holmes confiscate Bill's computer. The Mayor has then no choice but to let the police decrypt the files and expose his secret to prove Bill has stolen the files, which was Margaret's plan all along. He decides to return Bill's computer instead even though this makes him look like a fool.

Jennifer then decides to go up against him in the next election. Both request the player to ask the café customers who they are going to vote for. The survey reveals that the election would be a tie unless Mary Ditt voted. The player convinces her to do so and get to decide whom she will vote for and thus who wins the election.