*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Diego is a special café customer who only appears during certain events for players at level 7 and above. He's a traveler and an artist and Comet's boyfriend.

Diego first appeared during the 2018 Valentine's Day Event. He came back during the 2018 Back to the 90s Event and stayed approximately for 14 days.


During Diego's stay he delivers orders to earn some money and plan a party. You can tap on his car to complete them. Diego then delivers the order. A new order comes up every two hours. In between deliveries Diego comes and goes as any other regular customer does.

Completing a certain number of orders lets you win diamonds, gifts and special decorations. You get a Gold Gift for completing 30 orders.

Story: Back to the 90s Event (2018)

Diego comes to town to organize a 90s-themed party and asks you for help to earn some money. He gives you the "Max the Doggy Drummer" decoration when you fill one order. Then, on Diego's behalf, you ask the café customers what a 90s party should have. Diego likes the idea of decorating the shop and gives you a "I love the 90s" poster once you have filled 5 orders.

Afterwards Diego learns the band he counted on to play at the party will not come to town. He decides to get a boy band together instead: Petrovich and Watson Holmes agree to join but Koffsky, who has perfect pitch, refuses. Koffsky was a part of a boy band when he was younger and lost his friends when the band fell apart. He does not want this to happen again. When you fill 8 orders Diego manages to convince him to sing instead of Petrovich, who has a terrible singing voice. Petrovich agrees to play the drums instead when you help him record his singing for his mother. Watson plays the bass (he used to in a rock band) and Diego the guitar. At 13 orders Diego gives you a "Boombox" decoration. At 15 orders the guys start rehearsing in Petrovich's garage. At 20 orders Diego gets enough money for ads: Chloe, Comet and Nicole hear about it and come to the shop.

However, the rehearsals are no longer going well as the guys keep arguing. Petrovich eventually locks his garage. Koffksy prefers quitting. You learn that the guys are hurt because Diego shot down all the ideas Petrovich and Watson had.

Meanwhile, Diego learns Mary Ditt has started her own band: Ladies First. He goes to their rehearsal and, for 25 orders, reveals they rock. Impressed by their enthousiasm he realizes that the spirit of the 90s is also creativity. He agrees to have Petrovich play maracas and Watson to use cinnamon smoke even if they are not authentic. The party takes place, with both bands performing, when you fill 27 orders. The story ends there. Chloe, Comet and Nicole leave but Diego stays until the event is over.

Optional rewards: a Gold Gift from Fernando if you also buy the Lucie the Doggy Guitarist decoration for 499 diamonds to combine it with the Doggy the Drummer one, and a Blue Gift from Ann if you buy all the 90s clothes for her - 90s Party T-Shirt, 90s Party Cap, 90s Party Skirt, 90s Party Vest, 90s Party Sneakers - for 99 diamonds each so a total of 495 diamonds.

Story: The Gift of the Magpie (2018)

In February 2018, Diego, the traveler and artist, arrives in town offering to fill orders with your cafe's help to purchase the final two firecrackers of twelve that he needs to display a heart of firecrackers in the sky for his girlfriend, Comet. Along the way, and for our help, he gifts us with half of Panda in Love, in which Fernando promptly offers a gold gift if we should reunite her with her lost love.

During our next encounter with Diego, he recollects the time he created a painting named "Fireworks" and after attempting to submit it for display in an exhibit and being declined, his girlfriend, Comet, snuck in and hung it in the exhibit anyway where it caused quite a stir and raised money Diego was able to put toward a magpie medallion pendant for Comet.

Eventually Diego is able to purchase his eleventh firecracker, but as he is about to purchase the twelfth, he finds out someone has already purchased it before him. In an effort to come up with another gift for his girlfriend and with the advice of the cafe's customers, he decides on purchasing an additional magpie medallion for Comet's pendant but to do so he would need to sell the first eleven crackers he had gathered. In a funny twist of fate, we learn that Comet was the one who purchased the twelfth firecracker as a gift for Diego's display and that she had done so by selling her magpie pendant.

We then set out to help the lovers by aiding them in finding out the buyers of their items and working to find ways to return the items to their original owners. First, we learn that Margaret has the magpie pendant, which she parts with in return for a painting that eventually became known as "Lady with Cupcake Crumbs." As for the eleven firecrackers, they ended up with none other than Fernando, who is willing to part with them, but in return requests your help filling a few orders for his party. 

After being able to reunite the items with their respective owners, we are treated to a beautiful display of fireworks ending with a heart. All too soon, it is time for Diego to hit the road, on to his next great creation and adventure.