Comet is a special café customer who only appears during certain events for players at level 7 and above. She's Diego's girlfriend.

Comet first appeared during the 2018 Valentine's Day Event. She came back during the 2018 Back to the 90s Event.

Story: The Gift of the Magpie (2018)

In February 2018 she arrived shortly after her boyfriend. Before arriving though, we learn about a time when Diego was trying to get his artwork displayed in an exhibit but it had been declined. In an effort to support him, Comet managed to sneak in and display his painting titled "Fireworks" in the exhibit. The painting was a smash success and even sold for a tidy amount. In response, Diego purchased a magpie medallion pendant for Comet which she adored.

Upon arriving, Comet shares with us her gift of fortune cookies, and we're even able to offer the cookies to our guests in special holiday recipes for at least the duration of Diego's stay with us. She shares with us another surprise, that she was able to find and purchase the final firecracker Diego needs for his fireworks display. Unfortunately though, to be able to afford the firecracker, she had to part with her magpie pendant, but she exclaims it's worth it seeing Diego's face when she gives him the gift. 

The slight irony of the situation is that when Diego was unable to purchase the final firecracker for his display intended as a gift to Comet, he ended up selling his firecrackers in order to procure a magpie medallion for his loved, Comet. 

After exchanging gifts, they quickly realize the funny mistake each had made and then turn to us for help in getting the items they sold off to complete each of their gifts. In exchange for the magpie pendant from Margaret, Diego agrees to complete a painting of her with cupcakes. And Fernando, the person who purchased the final firecracker from Comet, was willing to part with it at the cost of us helping fill a catering order for his party. 

Sadly, Comet's trip to our cafe ends up being a shorter trip as she leaves shortly after all gifts are exchanged, but hopefully we'll be seeing her again soon!