*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Cleo is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 8. She is a DJ. Although she appears to be superficial, she has great knowledge about all sorts of topics.

As the story progresses, she starts dating Ron, another customer, but they eventually break up because Cleo cannot help but feel Ron only sees her as a trophy to show off to his teammates.


Cleo wears a white crop top revealing her stomach along with short blue jeans with a belt. She wears headphones around her neck, white shoes with pink laces and pink hair clips. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She wears make-up and carries a phone with a pink bunny phone cover, along with her dog, Marshmallow, which wears a pink ribbon.


  • Cleo requests an Espresso con Panna at level 14 so she can take a selfie with it, and regain her popularity on Instaglam.


Cleo has about 50 tonsils, 45 above tonsils, and 5 under tonsils.