Chloe is a special café customer who only appears during special Events for players at level 7 and above. She's Ann's twin sister.

Chloe first appeared during the Second Birthday Event. The Second Birthday Event lasted from May 16 to June 7, 2018 approximately (My Café's birthday is on May 26). She came back during the 2018 Back to the 90s Event.


During Chloe's stay she delivers orders to earn some money and plan a party. You can tap on her car to complete them. Chloe then delivers the order using her shopping cart. A new order comes up every two hours. In between deliveries Chloe comes and goes as any other regular customer does.

Completing a certain number of orders lets you win diamonds, gifts and special birthday decorations. You get a Gold Gift for completing 30 orders.

Story: Second Birthday Event (2018)

Chloe comes to town to celebrate her and Ann's birthday but Ann does not want to celebrate it. Chloe suggests throwing a party at the café anyway. She asks you to get suggestions from customers as to what they could celebrate. You both decide to go with Bill's idea to celebrate the two-year anniversary of My Café.

Chloe decides to buy some party decorations with the money from the deliveries. She says she will give you a Cute Little Tom decoration if you complete 5 orders but spends the money on renovations at an animal sanctuary. She actually gives it to you when you complete 10 orders. She then promises to give you a Happy Birthday decoration if you complete 15 orders. However, she messes up and you end up with a Stop Bamboo decorations. You learn how she got the bamboo sticking out of the roof of her car, and whom she borrowed her car from if you complete 16 and 17 orders. You also get the correct Happy Birthday deco for 17 orders.

As Chloe impersonates her sister you learn that she has already done it before and hurt Ann pretty badly. You help Chloe realize that what she thinks is harmless fun might not be perceived as such by everyone. She then decides to buy Ann a Tangerine Tree as a true birthday gift as Ann loves them. She also decides to help Ann out at the café and asks you to train her. You serve her an Adrenalino with Guarana then explains how you make Rose Espresso, Iced Tea and Spiced Cappuccino. Chloe gives you the tree when you have completed 26 orders and helps in the café at 27 orders. The story ends there: the party is a success and Chloe gives you a Birthday Cake decoration as a reward.

Optional rewards: a Gold Gift from Fernando if you buy the Cute Little Kitty decoration for 499 diamonds to combine it with the Black Kitty decoration, and a Blue Gift from Chloe if you buy the Beauty Queen Diadem for Ann for 499 diamonds as well.