*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Bill is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 3. He is a programmer and is often able to get information about other customers using his skills. He likes powerful computers and English Tea.

He quickly breaks the fourth wall as he suspects he is a character in a game.

Bill is inspired by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation.


  • Watson Holmes knows Bill because he hacked into the Police Department when he was 10 and now monitors their digital security part-time. (level 5)
  • Bill met Mary Ditt two years ago when he was fixing the network of her college. (level 5)


At the beginning of the game Bill asks the player to rate the game.

Bill is a tech geek and can do anything that involves computers or tablets. He is also an expert at digital tracking and tracing.Thus,he is often needed to track people.Because of his obsession with the virtual world,he is not that good at socializing

Bill is a quiz show host. He can ask the player 3 quiz questions every day. If the player gives the correct answer they win the level they are on times 25 coins (e.g. 250 coins at level 10 and 500 coins at level 20). There is no penalty for wrong answers.


Bill is smart,geeky,and a master with technology and virtual tracking,and as well as hacking.Of course,because of that,His social skills aren't the best.

Story: First Date with Mary

Bill has been in love with Mary ever since he met her for the first time two years ago when he was repairing the network of her college. At level 6, Mary's single again and Bill works up the courage to ask her out through notes. Mary agrees to go on a date with her 'admirer'. The first date is not a success as she does not think he is boyfriend material. He decides to join the local soccer team to prove his worth. It works and Mary agrees to go on a second date.

Story: Moving In with Mary

They eventually move in together. The player gets to decide whether Mary moves in with Bill or vice versa.However,there are complications.Bill needs fast internet for work,but Mary's place has slow internet.On the other hand,Bill's place is like something from a sci-fi movie.Mary's afraid that something will literally explode,or catch on fire if she touches it or bumps into it.



Just a moment, let me check my contact list... No, we've never met. Please to meet you. I'm Mr Smell.

I don't think it's real.

Not just the cafe. Everything. It's like we're inside some kind of a program.

I'm a programmer! If it's a program, I can find a way out!

I need a sixteen-core processor for my PC.

I like English tea. You need milk for that.

I really like my tea and coffee with Milk.

Can't stand it.

Congratulations on the level-up! Here's a diamond and a Simple Gift (100 coins, 200 coins, 5 diamonds). You could find something very interesting or useful inside.

Hi. Wow. I'm not used to reading stuff on the wall. Just a moment, I'll take picture of it with my tablet.

Yeah, they're really delicious. If only you had cheesecakes...

What kind of cheesecake are you going to have, American or European? Eh, who cares - they're both delicious.

I want to become a quiz show host, and I need to learn how to ask interesting questions.

Great! I'll think of a few questions every day. And I'll give rewards for the right answers!

Yes! Exactly right. You've earned the first reward of $200! I'll think up three questions for you every day.

Cool! Here's 3 diamonds!

Awesome! I'll set up a Wi-FI network soon, and then I'll be able to spend days here without leaving! Here's your reward for completing the quest.

Pretty sweet! Is it USB-powered? I heard they started making those recently. Oh... that fridge must be pretty small. I doubt you can fit more than once ice coffee in it at a time.


  • At level 3, Bill wants English Tea.
  • At level 4, he wants the player to unlock the recipe for Cinnamon Cupcakes. He also wants a Wall Menu.
  • At level 5, he wants a Latte.
  • At level 6, he wants Mocha before his date and Cappuccino before his first match. He also wants new Flooring.
  • At level 7, he wants Frappé and Ice Cream Latte.
  • At level ?, he wants Hot Chocolate with Ginseng and Lemon to prove Elsa's innocence.
  • At level 15, Bill wants Tea with Saffron, Galangal and Anise to decrypt the Mayor's files.
  • At level 17, Bill ask for Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream to find the information about Alice Carroll.


  • Level ?

You will have to choose whether Bill moves in with Mary,or vise versa.