*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Ben is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 4. The player first learns of how he and Mary Ditt met initially at the local museum where he caught Mary's eye because he was, in fact, measuring the Mona Lisa with a measuring tape. From their they went on a first date to the movies, and while neither of them liked the movie they saw, they still had an enjoyable evening.

As we get to know Ben, he tells us how he has fallen on hard times, but has never lost his easy going personality and that he was born by accident, not even his parents knew about him. He shares that he has a love for sports and then amusingly adds he was a member of the "Rapid Blinking Team" in college.

Soon Ben lets us know that he's fallen head over heels for Mary and that he would like to surprise her by proposing marriage. The proposal came shortly thereafter when he proposed while on a walk in the park while on bended knee playing Mendelssohn's Wedding March on a whistle. Ben and Mary have a quick wedding by the Justice of the Peace at town hall and then promptly decided he could no longer live with a different name than Mary and changes his to Ditt as well. Unfortunately this would seem to near the end of their passionate love as Ben would soon disappear, as Mary plans their "traditional" reception at the cafe, Ben is nowhere to be found and missing for two days.

After a quick chat with local officer, Watson Holmes, we find out the police are looking for a Ben Jones, in connection to the local robbery of the museum where the Mona Lisa has been stolen, the very name Mary remembers Ben using on their marriage certificate. The manhunt quickly ends when Ben Ditt... Jones... is taken to the local police station where he gives a statement about the robbery, insisting he has been framed. Unfortunately, this results in the ending of Mary and Ben's marriage as she states he was never really married to her because to her marriage is the joining of two lives.

A few levels later Mary Ditt visits Ben in prison and tries to prove his innocence. Ben stole a fake painting and was framed. Ben comes back as a guest to the cafe.